Here is the Socratic Seminar write-up that I have come up with so far. I am looking for feedback- too hard? Too many questions for one period? (20 minutes per group) Stupid questions?
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They're not stupid questions, but I think some of them may be over many kids's keads, except maybe Lucas in my class and whoever is the brightest in yours.

Here's a review I found which argues that Vonnegut was satirizing two things: 1) America's misreading of socialist governments and how they try to level the playing field, and 2) America's definition of freedom. It includes an except from a letter by Vonnegut about the story in which he suggests his sympathy is actually with Diana Moon Glampers and that the story originated in his envy towards people like Harrison in his HS.

I like your questions about sports, and Q2 in group one. I also like Q3. I don't know that the kids will get double-consciousness. Do they know what grade inflation is? I feel like this might be a tricky topic to negotiate, but it also might be a good one to discuss.

What about adding questions such as, With whom does the author identify? Feel sympathy for? How can you tell? Maybe with Q2.

Also, something about how the civil and women's rights movements aimed to create greater equality for blacks and women by making prejudicial social and legal practices illegal. HB focuses on imposing hindrances, whereas these movements aimed to lessen the effect of the hindrances of historical racism and sexism. Segregation was a hindrance to equality, limits on voting rights were hindrances to equality...these targeted groups without much power in the America 50s/60s; the hindrances in HB target all people's right to develop their abilities? I don't know...My brain's not working. I hope the article I found helps. This story is tough.

Unfortunately, due my move last weekend, I didn't get to grade papers and I'm killing myself to get that done this evening, so I can't spend more time on this right now. But I thank you for creating it. I hope to be able to help more tomorrow after school.

I think this is a good idea and want to try it. I think what would be best is mixing in some less loaded, more broad questions (What are the conflicts in the story? How are they resolved?) with Q1 Q2

HB PQ so far:

PQ looks great so far. I will add to it. Thanks for the article and your feedback. I think I might take out the governments question and replace it with one of the questions from the book that I put onto a discussion hand-out for regular. (about developing abilities, rather than hindering them - I'll try to add a bit of civil and women's rights info, but honestly - if there's anything they won't get, it will be that stuff. They don't have the historical context for it. Their parents didn't go through it, etc.) I think they'll be fine with the double-consciousness - I can explain the term if that trips them up - we kind of already talked about it in my class. For grade inflation, I can simplify it by talking about weighted grades. I don't think I am going to put the broad questions in for honors. It really isn't about right and wrong in a seminar, so I try to stay away from questions with easier answers. I also don't think they'll get the idea that V. identifies with DMG. I can bring that up and see what they think, but I don't think asking them who the author identifies with will bring about that answer. Could be wrong.
We don't have to use the same questions, though.
See if you like this one better...
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Also - here is the discussion for reg.
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How does this look for a PQ?
later skaters! We still have no power - I'm at Ben's parents'!

Wow, totally awesome-o on all this stuff! Thanks so much. I can run copies for us in the morning.

What are you thinking scheduling wise?

Wed. PQ (website says, "school likely" as of 8:05pm - boo! me want sleep more.)
Thurs. Socratic Seminar/Discussion in Reg.
Fri....Short story assessment? Too soon? I have an alternate plan in mind. My kids still have to write their writing reflection, and I was going to have them dig through the Writer's Inc books for info on problems they had with their writing.

Our power came back yesterday night, but I've been sick and also still grading papers. I'm going to go make sure my web version of the necklace will work and post it on here. Tomorrow after school, I can work on a draft of the short story assessment, so it can be ready for Friday. I know you said you had some questions. We can also look in the textbook booklets for a question or two.
brb to upload Le Necklace. Hope your power is back.

well...i can't decide about the web versions i'm finding. maybe i'll copy the story from the book...but just let them have it in school, so i don't break the copyright laws. we can decide tomorrow.