Here is the organizer I came up with for making predictions. If it ok, let me know and I will make copies...

Here is a story map organizer that doesn't use the plot structure words, since we're saving that for Miracle Worker.

For the third, I was thinking we could do a vocabulary-in-context strategy...what do you think?

So I am about vocab for Cask, predictions for Harrison, and story map for Thank You M'amm?

Here is Jen's American History test...I am going to start thinking about/working on a revision...
Working on a draft...I took away the plot structure elements and noted what we need to add...

okay, I hope to get to that soon...

OK - here is the test I am working on for The Necklace. Anyone with any free time, feel free to change anything or add anything. It is undone. :)
It still says American History because I forgot to change it. Sorry.

- my passages and questions for the quick check. Let me know if you think they're okay.
Here it is with Tara's additions...

- term definitions i'm writing up as we go along

- learning targets for these two units i may blow up and put on the board for my kids, since i haven't been doing the syllabus.
Hi, it's Tara. My honors class is moving pretty fast, so I wanted to think of something else for them to do, and I thought reading a couple of Langston Hughes poems might be good, and I looked in the text, and found a cool activity - making a poem out of part of "THank You, M'am" Here is a hand-out I made for this assignment I think I will give Honors.

I am going to put this on the back of the syllabus next week, to help them study.
OK - here are the Necklace tests I made. If you'd like to change them, it would be great if you could just make the changed version and post it also. I am a bit saturated with The Necklace. :)
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- Here is a revised one with only 1 foreshadowing question.

Here's what I changed/added and will run off for Tara and me:


Here's a tiny rubric template if you want to use it.
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