Tuesday, 9/30 - Justin take off. Students type Short Story letters in Computer Lab
Wed. 10/1 - BookPass for The Miracle Worker Background info.
Thurs. 10/2 - Read "Annie" in the book after the play and introduce plot structure terms. Listen to scenes 1-2 if time.
Fri. 10/3 Listen to scene three, have students fill in exposition notes in plot sheet (see TMW page). HW read a scene or two...

Next week... PQ over Act One. Not sure what LTs yet, other than exposition, rising action, protagonist, antagonist, symbol/symbolism (the key). Maybe simile review - "She's like a little safe, all locked up" or something like that goes the line.
- Taking kids to library one day to finally select ind. reading books. Did you guys do a book talk with Shelley, or just let them search around on their own the whole time?