Here is my draft of the 2nd paragraph of the summer reading assignment- relating Blue Man to my life.

Okay, here are the two together.

Michael Burke (the author who has inspired me to try this writing with students thing) says to "share what you wrote when it will help, but not when it will confuse or intimidate. Use your writing when necessary to show how--not to show off."

  1. As planned, have them come in and quick-write a paragraph from jot list (10 min? 5 min?)
  2. Ask students to tell us what they know about the parts of a paragraph, use their responses to draw a paragraph outline/map on board (?)
  3. Have students look at their paragraphs and see whether or not they include a t.s., support details, and concluding sentence.
  4. Share our paragraphs on overhead (mine's too long, I think) and then...have them critique using only 2 bullets from the idea rubric, such as "The topic is narrow and manageable" and "Relevant, telling, quality details give the reader important information that goes beyond the obvious or predictable"?
  5. No you try - draft writing time...

Let me know what you think.

Justin - I highlighted some parts of the paragraph in yellow that I think we can maybe cut - I am worried about intimidating them with the length. I added in blue highlight what I might put in place. It loses some continuity and detail, but I think it might still do the job. Anyway, feel free to change anything you want, or leave in the things I've highlighted. I seriously don't care!

I love your LP for tomorrow! I am totally stealing it!

Third Edit: